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    @ajayre wrote:

    Nope – waiting for a response from Ron…


    Sorry… I played with it some… by using a pared down library. With a small enough library, it seems to work. But it looks like at some point I add a song with something missing that xbmc expects and everything craps out.

    I haven’t figured exactly what it is, and I probably won’t for a while… I’m grinding out bugs for release as fast as I can already.

    You can help by parsing your library down to something small, then adding stuff maybe an album at a time until it doesn’t work.

    See if you can find a single song that makes it not work. If you can do that, I can probably find out what the story is.

    — Ron


    I’ll look into this when I get back home. Thanks for the hint.


    I emailed Ron a single MP3 and a songs.db for that MP3 that doesn’t work. I hope it helps.




    Just bumping this one up.

    I was wondering about something. There’s only 2 of us having issues with XBMC. IS it because there’s only 2 of us trying, or is it working for everyone else?

    Anyway, I’ve been trying the hardest I could, even with 1 song databases, and XBMC (late june) never lists any songs, either in the library or the playlists.

    Should I send in a song.db too?

    BTW, I tried serving my songs from my pc running itunes to my xbox and it works, so it truly is a mt-daapd issue.

    Actually, I’ll try and install the windows version and see if it works.

    Oh, and thanks again for this fantastic little proggie πŸ™‚


    i have just start experiencing this today.

    upto yesterday i was using the mt-daapd_0.2.4-1_arm.deb version of mt-daapd on my nslu2 using the songs.gdb file and my XMBC (latest ver released mid 2006) could see all my playlists and within each playlist could see all the tunes. it was marginally faster at showing lists than SMB, and my family liked using this mecahnism cos of the playlists rather than our rather long folder listing via SMB

    i updated to latest nightly mt-daapd-svn-1376.tar.gz with sqlite today and now in XMBC i can see the playlists and library entry, but they are all empty.

    im guessing this is bug is still open, does someone want a copy of my songs.db file to help debug it? is there anything else i could do to assist? i’d obviously really love to get this feature back!

    thanks in advance


    in case its useful info here is a chunk of the debug output from when xbmc is requesting to view the playlists from firefly

    Request: GET /databases/1/containers/6/items?session-id=1&revision-number=2 HTTP/1.1
    Thread 34: Read: Host:
    Thread 34: Adding header *Host=*
    Added *Host=*
    Thread 34: Read: Client-DAAP-Version: 3.0
    Thread 34: Adding header *Client-DAAP-Version=3.0*
    Added *Client-DAAP-Version=3.0*
    Thread 34: Read: User-Agent: iTunes/4.6 (Windows; N)
    Thread 34: Adding header *User-Agent=iTunes/4.6 (Windows; N)*
    Added *User-Agent=iTunes/4.6 (Windows; N)*
    Thread 34: Read: Accept-Language: en-us, en;q=5.0
    Thread 34: Adding header *Accept-Language=en-us, en;q=5.0*
    Added *Accept-Language=en-us, en;q=5.0*
    Thread 34: Read: Client-DAAP-Access-Index: 2
    Thread 34: Adding header *Client-DAAP-Access-Index=2*
    Added *Client-DAAP-Access-Index=2*
    Thread 34: Read: Client-DAAP-Validation: 88C11DDA990CDE79B813855DFD41A186
    Thread 34: Adding header *Client-DAAP-Validation=88C11DDA990CDE79B813855DFD41A186*
    Added *Client-DAAP-Validation=88C11DDA990CDE79B813855DFD41A186*
    Thread 34: Read:
    Thread 34: Headers parsed!
    Checking to see if connection matches close
    Thread 34: Connection type HTTP/1.1
    : Connection: persist
    Thread 34: parsing GET args
    Thread 34: Entering ws_getgetvars (session-id=1&revision-number=2)
    Thread 34: Adding arg session-id = 1
    Added *session-id=1*
    Thread 34: Adding arg revision-number = 2
    Added *revision-number=2*
    Thread 34: Done parsing GET/POST args!
    Thread 34: Original URI: /databases/1/containers/6/items
    Thread 34: Translated URI: /databases/1/containers/6/items
    Thread 34: Preparing to find handler
    Thread 34: URI Match!
    Thread 34: Time is 1159310635 seconds after epoch
    Thread 34: Setting time header
    Added *Date=Tue, 26 Sep 2006 22:43:55 GMT*
    Thread 34: Using non-default handler
    Added *Accept-Ranges=bytes*
    Added *DAAP-Server=mt-daapd/svn-1376*
    Added *Content-Type=application/x-dmap-tagged*
    Added *Cache-Control=no-cache*
    Added *Expires=-1*
    Executing: select type,query from playlists where id=6
    Returning token 2003
    Entering sp_parse_phrase
    Entering sp_parse_oexpr
    Entering sp_parse_aexpr
    Entering sp_parse_expr
    Entering sp_parse_criterion
    Entering sp_parse_string_criterion
    Returning token 0010
    Returning token 2001
    Returning token 00fd
    Exiting sp_parse_string_criterion (success)
    Exiting sp_parse_criterion (success)
    Exiting sp_parse_expr (success)
    Exiting sp_parse_aexpr (success)
    Exiting sp_parse_oexpr (success)
    Exiting sp_parse_phrase (success)
    Fetching sql statement size
    Size: 22
    Serialized to : (genre like '%jazz%')
    No query/filter
    Executing: select * from songs where ((genre like '%jazz%'))
    Enumerating size
    Executing: select * from songs where ((genre like '%jazz%'))
    Got size: 5210
    Item enum: got 81 songs, dmap size: 5210
    Added *Content-Length=5271*
    Emitting reponse header Content-Length: 5271
    Emitting reponse header Expires: -1
    Emitting reponse header Cache-Control: no-cache
    Emitting reponse header Content-Type: application/x-dmap-tagged
    Emitting reponse header DAAP-Server: mt-daapd/svn-1376
    Emitting reponse header Accept-Ranges: bytes
    Emitting reponse header Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 22:43:55 GMT
    Done enumerating.
    Entering config_set_status
    Exiting config_set_status
    Thread 34: Terminating
    Thread 34: Freeing request headers
    Thread 34: Freeing response headers
    Thread 34: Freeing request vars
    Thread 34: got request

    If I were you I would give up on this and set up playlists in XBMC instead. It would be nice to have a single set of playlists and song management using FireFly but….

    I would look at the code myself but I just don’t have the time. πŸ™



    rugh – how defeatist. it used to work! must mean its easy to revert a fix then πŸ˜‰


    You say defeatist, I say realist. πŸ˜‰

    Ron is overwhelmed and the deal with Roku means the focus is on the soundbridges. The only solution is if someone who can debug and fix the problem has the time and inclination. I have the inclination but not the time.



    @ajayre wrote:

    You say defeatist, I say realist. πŸ˜‰

    There is some truth to this.

    Ron is overwhelmed and the deal with Roku means the focus is on the soundbridges.

    That’s only sort of true… the other piece of it is scratching an itch, and while I wouldn’t mind taking a swing at this, I have bigger itches. :/

    All that said, I did get as far as setting my xbox back up, and this past weekend I got a replacement cdrom so it doesn’t xmastree on boot anymore, so I actually have a working xbmc box again.

    Maybe we’ll race to see who gets the free time first.

    It will be you in the short term, as the iTunes 7 thing has absolutely flattened me. I don’t get much done past forums and email every night, as it’s taking me hours every night to do just that.

    Plus, my tree is in disarray because I had the daap stuff half factored out into a module when iTunes released. :/ So yeah, right now I am kinda whacked.


    @ajayre wrote:

    The only solution is if someone who can debug and fix the problem has the time and inclination.

    But in retrospect, I didn’t remember it was you that was looking for the xbmc stuff. Insofar as I owe you one (at least!) for the help you’ve given me on the forums lately, I’ll move this up my priority list. So let me fire up my xbox and get started…

    — Ron

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