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    or just use hamachi. 😉


    I already posted this on another streaming description posted here, but I guee it can’t harm to do it again: if you open your ports to the outside, keep in mind that you’re “file-sharing” your whole collection with the Internet – something the music copyright holders are quite happy about it (because it means they can sue again… and saying that you told the address no one wouldn’t help…).

    So, please keep in mind:

    • don’t post the dynamic dns name anywhere.
    • don’t do this without at least a good password on the library (won’t protect you against network & port scans and some brute force hack).
    • the best way is a secure tunnel.

    No offense meant; if you want to use this solution, feel free to do so. Just be careful what you recommend to others in the public, since it could get them into legal trouble 😉


    Thecus N5200 is using a 600MHz Celeron-M cpu. It is not ARM-based.


    @1charmedlife wrote:

    I am still bummed about the streaming however – 192kb MP3’s are fine, and AAC’s, but all my Lossless stuff – 800-1000kbps are constantly rebuffering and stalling… hope I can find an answer to this soon…

    I have the same experience with both Rendezvous Proxy (mac OS X and Windows PC) and Network Beacon. Up to 192kbps I experience no “re-buffering”. At higher bit rates, including lossless, the stream stops every 2-3 seconds to re-buffer making the whole thing unusable.

    Still it’s pretty neat that this can be done. I am using an Infrant ReadyNAS+ to stream the music.


    It would not be a bad idea to buid a few safety catches into firefly now that apparently more people discover the fun of accessing their library everywhere.

    I already hacked a wrong password log function into it – dunno if Ron took that up into the source yet.

    But something like a mechanism to block IPs that login wrong too often would likely also be nice. That plus a good pw should then likely suffice. After all its a fairly unknown port we open and a fairly rarely used service remotely. Adds a bit to security through obscurity, but we all know what that is worth.


    I’ve tried in vain to get this working. Please could somebody check my setup to see if there is anything I’ve omitted?

    Server Side:
    >>ADSL Modem networked to
    >>> Thomson SpeedTouch 716g wireless router
    >>>>ReadyNAS NV+ (lastest firmware) with Firefly plugin

    Client Side:
    >>MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo) running OS X 10.4.9 with iTunes 7.1.1 and Network Beacon 1.0.2

    I’ve opened up port 3689 or my firewall and am forwarding it to the ReadyNAS. I’ve confirmed this port is open externally.

    Firefly seems to be working fine internally as the server appears in iTunes when I’m at home. However when I’m at work iTunes doesn’t show the server.

    Here are my Network Beacon settings:

    Service Name: Home iTunes Server
    Service Type: _daap.tcp.
    Port Number: 3689
    Enable Host Proxy: checked
    Host Name:
    IP: x.x.x.x

    Any help appreciated.


    @simonj wrote:

    Service Type: _daap.tcp.

    That should be _daap._tcp

    Also, check that you have “search for shared libraries” checked in your iTunes prefs.


    Doh! I’m sure I copied that from another post. Works fine now. Thanks for spotting my stupid mistake



    I heard that a beta of the ReadyNAS Firefly plugin is around somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?



    @mgjohnson wrote:


    I heard that a beta of the ReadyNAS Firefly plugin is around somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?


    I had heard as well that Infrant was working on building a newer version than 0.2.4 on the readynas, but I’m not party to it, and don’t have hardware for testing or whatnot.

    They are the folks working on it, and I’d guess that they would have answers on their site.

    If you have build tools and whatnot, I could help walk you through building your own version, but I don’t know if that’ available for the readynas.

    — Ron

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