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    I’d really appreciate some help. I have a brand new Soundbridge 1001 and cannot get it to work with iTunes nor Firefly. I did follow the installation guidelines and checked the fora (Roku & Firefly), but cannot find the solution

    This is my set up:
    * I have a Win XP SP2 machine with all recent patches.
    * Did have iTunes 7 installed, but deinstalled an reinstalled iTunes 6.05, set iTunes library to share.
    * Win XP Firewall set to allow iTunes.
    * WiFi Network accepts Soundbridge (SB): DHCP, IP- & MAC address correct
    * Internet Radio works fine
    * Installed Bonjour, can see SB
    * Can control SB from PC through Internet Explorer
    * Have my iTunes Music Library including the iTunes .itl and .xml files on external USB hard drive of off my PC, do have external drive and it’s folders shared on my LAN.
    * Have McAfee VirusScan, also tried with VS disabled
    ? FireFly installed, scan Music Library ok, but gives Error: Unable to open database?
    * Ran Firefly Debug, library is ok
    ? Soundbridge menu option Change Library states “Incompatible Servers Found (more)” SB found 1 or more DAAP Servers (like iTunes) on the network, but can’t connect to them. To access these libraries from SB we recommend using the FireFly mediaserver (Have rebooted PC & SB several times)?

    Anybody any suggestions?

    Thank you very much!


    Do you have a Roku-Soudnbridge, or a Pinnacle branded one ?

    Sounds like yours is a Pinnacle. Pinnacles wont connect to iTunes, or firefly’s DAAP share (essentialy iTunes clone).
    Instead, you need to activate the RSP plugin in firefly.

    Try to download the latest firefly off here:

    That the database isnt accessible isnt all too good, but if it worked then, so what?

    Can you access firefly through its webpage ?
    http://localhost:9999 iirc.



    Thanks for your quick response.

    Yes, I do have a Pinnacle SB 1001, however I thought they were identical to the Roku SB1001? It states on the Pinnacle box it works directly with iTunes or with FireFly….

    Happy to try your suggestion though, checked out the site, lot’s of downloads, don’t see the RSP plugin though. Should I reinstall FireFly with the September 4 download “Firefly Media Server (svn-1376).exe”?

    Yes, I can access Firefly through webpage.



    This is my current version of FireFly:

    Firefly Service 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverfirefly.exe
    FireflyShell 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media ServerFireflyShell.exe
    RSP Output Plugin 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverpluginsrsp.dll
    FFMPEG Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverpluginsssc-ffmpeg.dll
    WMA Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverpluginsssc-wma.dll
    Win32 Event Plugin 1.0 svn-1359 C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverpluginsw32-event.dll


    Well it should work with 1359 as well, chec kthe nightlies site for the changes /bugfixes that were made.

    Anyway, in the firefly control panel you can see the number of songs etc.
    What deffo should be possible is to open iTunes and look for “shared” music, that should display firefly.
    Should even work on the same computer.

    Maybe you still have some firewall/network issues, although its unlikeley.

    The RSP Plugin for the soundbridge comes with firefly. Im just not sure wether its activated by default. I think you can set that up in the firefly control-panel thingy.


    @boomen22 wrote:

    This is my current version of FireFly:

    Does it work if both the pc and the soundbridge are wired? I ask because if RSP is loaded, then it sounds like the server can see the daap advertisement, but not the rsp one. Which makes me wonder if something isn’t getting through the router, as I’ve heard of that a couple times.


    Have not tried wired connection yet, will do (not today) and let you know



    @boomen22 wrote:

    Have not tried wired connection yet, will do (not today) and let you know

    Seems like everything is set up right on the pc side, so I’m kind of suspecting maybe something on the router.

    You have upgraded to latest firmware on the SB right? 2.5.173?

    – Ron


    Hi Ron,

    I have firmware version 2.5.171 and SB states that I’m up to date, when I do an on-line software upgrade check. Could this be the cause?

    Have not yet tried LAN cable connection, but will do and report.

    Thanks for following up,



    Good & Bad News,

    1) With Ethernet cable my SB can connect to FireFly Library and play songs. Still no iTunes Library (eventhough Pinnacle advertises on their packaging that that should work!)

    2) I checked with another Wifi Laptop in my WiFi LAN and I can mutually exchange, connect to, and play their respective iTunes Libraries on both the Laptop and the Desktop.

    Any thoughts how to get my SB going via Wifi?

    Many thanks!


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