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    I had been working on a smart playlist form that emulates iTunes’ smart playlist dialog when I saw that someone else had done more or less the same thing. D’oh.

    Mine is up here anyway, if anyone cares to look at it:

    Some Notes:
    [*]it can’t load any playlist info yet, so it would be useless for editing[*]it’s artificially limited to 10 criteria. edit the config at the top of smart_builder.js to change that.

      I wasn’t originally going to use a popup, but I ended up there for ease of integration into the latest nightly. I’ve got it plugged into my local admin-root and it seems to work pretty well.


      Edit: I’ve posted an update over on page 3 (at the bottom)

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    looks nice,

    I like the way you use the dropdowns for field selection
    and the +/- to add or remove rules …



    Yeah, I like the “+” and “-” buttons. I might steal that, if it’s okay… I’ll credit you, of course.

    — Ron


    Hehe… I was going to ask about that, too πŸ˜‰
    I had +/- buttons in my version, but didn’t get them to run on all browsers, so I more or less delayed them πŸ˜‰

    Your version looks very well coded, though it doesn’t work on Safari and is a kind of overkill in my opinion πŸ˜‰


    hmm, the wizzard and the manual editor let me insert a line like ‘title includes “world”‘ and that is actually inserted into the database.
    On rescanning mt-daapd crashes … (20051101) …

    Please, can one of you produce some help in which fields are actually supported ?

    It also would be nice if the difference in syntax between the frontend and sqlite is explained ….


    title includes “world” should be valid.

    check the notes on the nightlies page… that has all the valid field names and operators.

    basically three different kinds of fields: date kind, int kind, and string kind.

    for string kind:

    fieldname = “string value”


    fieldname includes “string value”

    for int fields:

    fieldname = integer, fieldname < integer, fieldname > integer, fieldname = integer

    for date fields, more complex.. check the ngihtly notes… something like:

    fieldname > 1 week before today

    — Ron


    This version of the wizard is really nice and it does work with Internet Explorer. (Please don’t shhot me for mentioning Microsoft).

    The current versions of the smart playlist, the experimental playlist page and the java applet don’t work with Internet Explorer. Just as well I have Firefox also on my system.



    The experimental playlist page was just that. At some point, it will get re-written in a different way.

    The applet page… is it perhaps that you don’t have a JVM loaded?

    As far as anything actually working with IE, it’s good to hear, but it isn’t an overwhelming consideration on my part. I’m way more concerned with Safari working, as that’s my browser of choice. πŸ™‚

    I have a windows machine around here, now, but it’s just inconvenient to get to — I have to swap hard drives to boot to it, so I tend to not do that very often. Only when I have to troubleshoot something windows-specific.

    I should probably load a windows system in vmware for testing though.

    Perhaps I could start working on ie compatibility. I guess I just hoped someone else would furnish patches. πŸ™‚

    — Ron


    I have had a little play and done some investigation.

    I am using Avant Browser (a customised version of Internet Explorer), by default it uses the MSJVM even though the Sun JVM may be loaded to the system. I have now removed the MSJVM and the Java Applet is working fine in both Avant Browser and Internet Explorer. The experimental playlist and the smart playlist still do not function in either Avant Browser or Internet Explorer.


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    All the pages that don’t work (because they appear blank) in IE require a simple fix. Change the script tags from self-closing ones () to opening and closing tags ().

    For whatever reason IE simply doesn’t recognize that a script tag has been closed when you use a single tag. So all following HTML ends up being treated as javascript would, and is not displayed.

    IE has had this bug, well, always.

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