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    Yes. 0.2.2 is really just with the fix for iTunes 5.

    So if you are looking for the sqlite backend or server-side transcoding or no single device limits, then you’ll want to stay on nightlies.

    Nightlies are currently working with iTunes 5, and will continue going forward.

    So if you are using nightlies after about Feb or so, there really isn’t a need to move to 0.2.2. In fact, it’s a step back.

    — Ron


    I must really be retarded, ’cause I can’t find anything on applying a patch on a RPM in the Documentation area.

    Help would be welcomed.


    any nightly after March 11 works with iTunes 5 — if you weren’t seeing it, it was probably the radio bug.

    — Ron


    Subject pretty much says it all. The new mt-daapd code works fine with iTunes 5 so long as you aren’t using password protection. If you do, iTunes sees the playlist, but upon connecting immediately disconnects, but with no error message.

    Raising the debug level in mt-daapd shows lots of ‘401 Unauthorized’ errors. Using an mDns proxy I can see a few differences between standard iTunes shares and mt-daapd, such as the lack of a “Password=true” entry in the host properties. Also, iTunes shares seem to show up with “_PW” appended to the share name.

    I don’t know if any of these differences are significant, but I figured this was as good a place as any to start.


    Can’t replicate password problems from iTunes 5.0/Mac against FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE/mt-daapd 0.2.3.

    I’ll try and replicated it with iTunes Windows as soon as I can find a Windows machine.

    — Ron


    Neither 0.2.2 nor 0.2.3 are intended as replacements for the development status level of the nightlies. They are simply intended as a fix for functionality lost in the stable version of February (0.2.1) following the release of iTunes 5.x.

    The developmental releases available through the nightlies stream were never susceptible to the error affecting the stable release. If you have been making use of that code base, then there is no need to “upgrade” to 0.2.2 or 0.2.3. In fact, doing so will remove functionality — as you have now realized.

    Those using the latest stable are encouraged to upgrade to 0.2.3, while those using the nightlies have no need to upgrade.

    This thread contains specifics on what “broke” with iTunes 5.x.


Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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