Reply To: Problems after upgrade to svn-1206 (on NSLU) and Roku SB 2,5


@valdemar wrote:

“My NSLU2” – complete LAN scan of MP3 files only (RSP?)

I’m not sure what you mean by complete lan scan. That doesn’t sound like something mt-daapd/firefly does. Are you sure you aren’t running twonky or something?

“NSLU2 Music” – scans specified folder only for all filetypes (DAAP?)

Probably rsp.

Only MP3 files from HD local to NSLU are playable with SB 2.4.4 or 2.5.155, so I am kinda stuck, since my collection is flac.

Using which library?

Try stopping all your mt-daapd processes, then starting them again. mt-daapd *won’t* advertise two different names, so I think you’ve got something else running.