Reply To: Upgraded to 1201 and have lost RSP connection

Ted Harper

@MCFH wrote:

Shut down, restarted, set log level to 9, shut down, restarted, and it was back. Strange….

I have had that happen a handful of times (with various nightly Firefly builds) on my Windows PC too, and each time manually stopping and restarting the Firefly service has made the RSP plugin/protocol immediately visible to my Soundbridge.

My uneducated guess is that on my fairly low-powered PC, because the Firefly service is set to Automatic startup (along with all sorts of other things – SQLServer, IIS, Norton AV, etc), the PC is getting pretty-much thrashed – CPU, RAM and disc – at the time that Firefly is trying to get itself going, and something internal relating to the plugin startup is failing or timing out because the machine is struggling badly at the time it is trying to start. When you later stop/start the Firefly service (some time after the machine bootup is finished and it has settled-down), it is pretty-much the only thing contending for machine resources, and everything finishes in a timely manner.

I haven’t found any way to make it more/less repeatable (maybe it is happening one restart in 10 here, maybe less), so I’m not sure how to help Ron get it tracked down and fixed, but I thought I’d better at least post to this thread so you’d know it wasn’t unique to your system. When it happens it definitely affects the “spouse-friendliness” of the Firefly+Soundbridge system here, because the server PC isn’t switched on 24*7, and my wife and kids have a fixed sequence of things to do to listen to music using it (which having the library not come up breaks, then they go into a bit of a tailspin).