Reply To: Firefly OS X Setup


Maybe this got buried in the noise, but what’s the next step in getting the software fully installed and running in the background, etc. What other things can be done as you suggest.

Ack. Sorry.

grab this zip file.

Now run through the configure like you did before, only this time to –prefix=/usr/local

Then do a:

make; sudo make install

That should build and install it to /usr/local/sbin, etc.

Unpack the zipfile, and copy the file stuff to the layout it’s in /Library/StartupItems, etc.

Follow the instructions at the top of the ‘mt-daapd’ script — put

MTDAAPDSERVER=-YES- in /etc/hostconfig

Once you have that, edit the config file in /usr/local/etc/mt-daapd.conf to your hearts content, and reboot. You should be in business.

Also, any progress on being able to play Internet Streams from iTunes? I’m downloading and compiling nightlies when they come available but haven’t seen this one added in yet..

I’m going to try and get it in the next nightly.

— Ron