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I’m coming over here and posting following your lead from the forum over at Roku. You said we should ask here about setting up firefly for Mac OS X while you are waiting to release the full OS X version.

So how do we go about doing this?

Okay. There are several steps. In order to compile any package from source, you need to have a compiler and the build tools. You can get that from the XCode disc that came with your OSX. Just install those packages. When you get done, you should be able to go to a terminal and type “gcc” and it should respond with “gcc: no input files”, or words to that effect.

Once you have that, you’ll need to install fink. Fink has pre-packaged versions of lots of popular open-source packages for OSX. We’ll use fink to install the dependent packages for firefly. You can follow the instructions here to install it.

Once you have it installed, and have done the selfupdate, like the installation documents describe, then install libid3tag-shlibs, libid3tag, sqlite, and sqlite-dev.

Those are the mp3 tag reading libraries and the database libraries necessary to build firefly.

Now to build firefly. Go to the nightlies page and download the tar.gz file.

You can untar it anywhere you want, but I usually untar it in a directory called “working” in my home directory. Here’s how I would build the package from the terminal:

ron@mac:~$ mkdir working
ron@mac:~$ cd working
ron@mac:~/working$ /usr/bin/curl | tar -xvzf -
ron@mac:~/working$ cd mt-daapd-svn-1082
ron@mac:~/working/mt-daapd-svn-1082$ ./configure --enable-sqlite --with-id3tag=/sw --prefix=$HOME

ron@mac:~/working/mt-daapd-svn-1082$ make; make install

Now it’s built and installed into your home directory. The binary is in ~/sbin, the configuration file is in ~/etc.

Go into the new “etc” directory in your home directory and edit the config file using textedit or something. You’ll need to change the mp3_dir to something more correct. Maybe “/Users//Music”.

Then, from the terminal, change to the sbin directory in your home directory, and run it in the foreground.

ron@mac:~$ cd sbin
ron@mac:~/sbin$ ./mt-daapd -d5 -f -y

It should start up in debug mode, and you should see songs streaming by, as it indexes them. Once it’s done, then you should be able to see it from iTunes and the soundbridge.

There are other things that can be done from here, like running it in the background and stuff, but this is where to start.

Once you get to this point, I can guide you toward the rest of it.

— Ron