Reply To: svn-1082: Art(not)work?


Hi Ron,

@rpedde wrote:

I actually *have* a solaris machine, but I haven’t built on it in a few weeks, so I’m working toward clean builds out of the box on solaris 10.

that’s great news. Really looking forward to a clean non-linux build as I figured that a Netra X1 is a much prettier home-server than a NSLU2 🙂

@rpedde wrote:

Yeah, the art stuff is specific to the tag version. I’m debating what to do with that code. It’s a neat feature, but it’s broken, and it really is intrusive and ugly code-wise.

I’m actually debating axing it, but I get flamed every time I say something like that.

I wouldn’t go so far and flame you, but not having the possibility to see the covers anymore would be a big loss, especially for the missis 😕

@rpedde wrote:

But no d_type in dirent?!?! Back to stat, I guess.

At least that’s what the compiler suggested…