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@timeuser wrote:

I have XBMC 2.01. The IP settings are correct in XBMC because I can use them to connect from the other computer fine. It’s daap://

Perhaps it’s something with the Mac version of Firefly? Is anyone else using it on OS X with XBMC? Any other thoughts?

It might be a metadata issue, too.

Can you turn your debuglevel up to 9, and see if it actually connects to your server? I’m wondering if it’s not connecting, or if it *is* connecting, but it doesn’t like the response its getting. XBMC gives the same error in either event.

Also, if you have a problem with XBMC, you have to reboot it, since if it tries to connect when it isn’t running for example, and then you start he firefly server, it doesn’t try and connect again. It just reports a failure without even trying to connect.

So that could be an issue, too.

— Ron