Reply To: XBMC


@ajayre wrote:

You say defeatist, I say realist. 😉

There is some truth to this.

Ron is overwhelmed and the deal with Roku means the focus is on the soundbridges.

That’s only sort of true… the other piece of it is scratching an itch, and while I wouldn’t mind taking a swing at this, I have bigger itches. :/

All that said, I did get as far as setting my xbox back up, and this past weekend I got a replacement cdrom so it doesn’t xmastree on boot anymore, so I actually have a working xbmc box again.

Maybe we’ll race to see who gets the free time first.

It will be you in the short term, as the iTunes 7 thing has absolutely flattened me. I don’t get much done past forums and email every night, as it’s taking me hours every night to do just that.

Plus, my tree is in disarray because I had the daap stuff half factored out into a module when iTunes released. :/ So yeah, right now I am kinda whacked.