Reply To: mt-daapd on NSLU2 fails to find music files


@rpedde wrote:

You should be able to download the ipk file from and move it to your slug (public share, maybe?). You’ll probably need to grab the libao ipk on the top of the page as well.

Thanks, Ron. Since I don’t know Linux do you feel I would have a better chance of getting the mt-daapd working that I installed from the Unslung package or are there other reasons to move to the nightlies? It is too late and I am too tired to try more tonight, but I am game to go whichever route you feel best. Based on the comments of richo132 above, if I can correct the mt-daapd.conf file I then may be able to get mt-daapd to work on my configuration.

What is the best (easiest?) way to edit files on the NSLU2? Sorry to be such a Linux newbie in all of this.

Oh yes, I found the post from awhile ago about installing the nightlies so I will have that information also to go on if that is the best route to go.