Reply To: Crash on full db scan with svn-1050


@Ted Harper wrote:

I’m afraid I get exactly the same failure with svn-1055, even after a full uninstall (and physically checking the folders have been deleted) and “clean” install of the new version.

When I don’t include .wma files in the library I get a clean startup with svn-1055 (and also when they are included and I use a songs.db created by svn-1025 and don’t rescan), but when I delete songs.db and rescan including wma files, I get the same crash and same debug tracing as I posted above from svn-1050.

I have gone back to svn-1025 again (and deleted songs.db/rescanned the library with it) and it is running fine for me like that.


Is it possible you can zip and email me the full -d9 (or -d10) logs at ron at