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@josejuan05 wrote:

I have mt-daapd setup using Ubuntu Linux and a directory of music under /music. This directory contains artist subdirectories and album subdirectories under those. If one of the album subdirectories, for example /music/yellowcard/lights_and_sounds is set as the mp3_directory the files will show up without any problems. However, if I set it simply as /music nothing will show up and the service won’t even show up in iTunes on my client PC running Windows XP. If anyone has any suggestions or explanations on how I can use all the files in subdirectories in /music your help would be greatly appreciated

First, what version is it?

It must be having a problem scanning. You can test it by running it in the foreground. You can run it something like:

[email protected]:~$ mt-daapd -f -c /etc/mt-daapd.conf -d9

it will churn out a bunch of debug information, and when it crashes or stops scanning, you can look at the end of the debug info generated, and see if it helps you figure out whats going on.

— Ron