Reply To: mt-daapd 1005


nice to hear that.
I suppose you de-underclocked your slug ?

On my underclocked slug a library with ~7K songs is quite a pain to browse. Notice that the HD is NTFS formatted, i dont know what the impact on performance is. I read about other users stating its painfully slow. *shrug*

with the nightly, I once had the library reduced to like 700 songs and it was considerably faster. I guess thats as real as n times log n goes *g*

Which takes me to an interesting concept:
Would it be possible to have multiple mt-daapd instances running, with different libraries ?
So I could have, say, my favorites in a slim’n’fast library, while I could have the whole shebang on a second instance running on the same slug.
Obviously changes in the scripts, config files etc are neccessary, but does anything else pertain the whole idea ?