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I spent some time rearranging the info in iTunes for classical music. I’m now OK with my arrangement (composer->artist, interpret: piece->album, movement->song). For instance, for Beethoven piano sonatas:
Beethoven, Ludwig Van -> artist
Yves Nat: Piano sonata #16 in G major Op. 31/1 -> Album
1. Allegro vivace -> song

So far, so good, the navigation & display on the Soundbridge are OK, except the following annoyance. In iTunes, when I sort the display on the album field, I get the right order for sonatas, i.e. #2 comes after #1 and so on.

On the Soundbridge though, it shows, Sonata #1, then #11, #12 … #19, #2, #20, #21,…

Any clue how to fix this? TIA.

Config: SB 3.0.44 & Firefly svn-1634

Looks like the soundbridge is sorting lexically, not numerically. You could call those Sonata #01, etc, but that would be a hack.

I thought about this hack as well. Would it be worth posting this a feature proposal in the Roku forums?