Reply To: Basic configuration question…


Check to see if there *is* an /opt/etc/mt-daapd directory… might look something like this:

foo@slug:~$ cd /opt/etc
foo@slug:/opt/etc$ ls
init.d mt-daapd openssh rsyncd.conf sudoers wgetrc
libao.conf ntp profile rsyncd.secrets termcap
foo@slug:/opt/etc$ cd mt-daapd
foo@slug:/opt/etc/mt-daapd$ ls
foo@slug:/opt/etc/mt-daapd$ nano mt-daapd.conf

so “cd” is change directory, just like dos. “ls” is dir, with “ls -l” even more like dir — shows file length, etc.

There really ought to be an /opt/etc/mt-daapd, and it ought to have a mt-daapd.conf in it.

You could always fall back to something like:

find / -name "mt-daapd.conf"

which will search the whole file system for the conf file.