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Thanks Ron. Perhaps I should explain what point I am trying to get to. I’m sure it’s a common one.

I’ve ordered a Roku Soundbridge, which will play our CDs ripped to the Linux box, running mt-daapd. I want my wife to be able to easily construct static playlists on her Windows PC and then access them on the soundbridge. I don’t really care if it’s iTunes or something else, as long as it is user friendly.

So should I?:

– import all my mp3 from the Samba share (that mt-daapd is accessing) into the Library in iTunes

– construct playlists

– find the .xml file and copy it to the mt-daapd mp3 root

– restart mt-daapd (necessary or will a periodic scan see it?)

If so will this actually copy the mp3 files to a new location (I want to keep them in one central place)?

There is no automated way of syncing the iTunes library when new mp3s are added to the Linux box?

We will have copies of iTunes (or whatever) on on my PC and my wife’s, so we can both create playlists. Is that possible? I guess two .xml files.

Thanks for the help! 🙂


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