Reply To: 20051114 …


So all of my ogg id3tag parsing woes from the last nightly are fixed, which is great to see. My old .conf file was borked though, due to the change in the ssc confic line, but that was easy to fix as well. All in all, the daemon is performing admirably (although I haven’t tried the cover art thing again yet).
As for the web admin page…
Yeah, the colours remind me of a childrens hospital or dental clinic. But that’s fine, css is wonderful 🙂
Things to consider: perhaps someone would contribute a little time and include a playlist howto on the playlist page. Just a little primer of what options there are, and a couple simple examples.
Also, the feedback page doesn’t work for me. It loads and all, but I can’t actually submit any feedback that way.
My admin password is always visible on the config page. Which is fine I guess, since I had to enter it to see the page… Perhaps we could password protect only certain pages? I know I wouldn’t mind letting other users on my network create their own playlists, although this should be optional since I can think of situations where that would be really bad.
Also, can we ‘edit’ playlists, or does that still not work?