Reply To: Playlist Tutorial


LIKE isn’t anymore? Oh, I simply wrote it for SQL statements 😉

Guess I need to find an overview of the exact format (SQL is simply more in my blood :laugh: ), but it’s easy to change. % removed and LIKE replaced by include for now 😉

Removed the all in one place, the popup one is now

I’ve added nearly all fields I found in the database (grouped, having tested the grouping only on Firefox so far). Also, the comparison listboxes now get adjusted depending on the field type upon field change (equals and includes for strings, equals, lesser-than, greater-than, lesser-or-equal-than, greater-or-equal-than for integers).

For dates, I’m not sure yet. Letting the user enter dates in Unix format surely isn’t a good way… but we can convert a few things in JS… what format does your sqlizer expect?