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    I’ve created a small playlist editing page with a few default templates just for fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Since I don’t remember your email address any more, I did upload it here:
    Though I think such a thing (this wizard) would be better of in a popup, so I’ve also created this:
    which launches this popup:

    If that’s about what you had in mind, let me know and I’ll add the missing fields as well ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ooh! I really like that second one with the popup.

    Note that LIKE isn’t there anymore, it “includes”, and that adds the “%’s” on both ends when it sqlizes it.

    I really like that though. Of course, Some of the comparisons aren’t valid for strings (only = and includes), but I think this is the way to go forward with that.

    Plus date ones are going to be strange. But I like that concept a lot.


    LIKE isn’t anymore? Oh, I simply wrote it for SQL statements ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Guess I need to find an overview of the exact format (SQL is simply more in my blood :laugh: ), but it’s easy to change. % removed and LIKE replaced by include for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Removed the all in one place, the popup one is now

    I’ve added nearly all fields I found in the database (grouped, having tested the grouping only on Firefox so far). Also, the comparison listboxes now get adjusted depending on the field type upon field change (equals and includes for strings, equals, lesser-than, greater-than, lesser-or-equal-than, greater-or-equal-than for integers).

    For dates, I’m not sure yet. Letting the user enter dates in Unix format surely isn’t a good way… but we can convert a few things in JS… what format does your sqlizer expect?


    That part isn’t done yet, but I think production rules will look something like:

    date_criterion = date | date_interval BEFORE date | date_interval AFTER date
    date = YYYY-MM-DD | TODAY | date_interval AGO
    date_interval = NUMBER timespec | THE timespec
    timespec = year(s) | week(s) | day(s)

    so a valid time would be:

    2 weeks before yesterday


    6 months ago (this is implicitly ’30*6*24*60*60 seconds before time(NULL)’)

    or even something crazy like:

    2 days after the week before yesterday

    valid comparisons would be > and


    errr… greater than or less than. Doh.

    On retrospect, maybe the production rules will be simplified a little from that, but I really do like the expressiveness of that, and doesn’t look to be too difficult to parse.

    As far as a guide to playlists, check the nightlies page… that has the syntax and currently valid fields.

    — Ron


    Hi, I have the playlists sort of working now.
    The “smart” tab in the webinterface seems to work and I can add playlists there.
    But, the “playlist” tab looks funny …
    Except the playlist “Library” all others are called “1” and no content of the playlists is shown there …
    Is that a bug or is it meant to be so ?



    just playing with sqlite on the songs.db …

    is the field “play_count” updated by the application yet ?


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    Yeah, the playlists tab is broken. I eventually wanted that to be a browser/playlist editor, etc, but I guess it will probably be easier to start with the smart playlist editor we have and move into a more full-featured one from there.

    I’m going to take off the playlist tab in the meantime.

    — Ron


    Any ata when that should be fixed ?

    I was browsing the CVS and did not see too many recent changes ….


    I read you are developing on OSX …

    Do you use xCode ? or plain makefile/gcc from the cli ?

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