Reply To: CVS 20050815 and still iTunes 5 problems


Indeed I tried the Radio stuff first – I preferred to search for a bunch of solutions first before posting here 😉

Not sure what the question regarding BOTH mDNSResponder and Howl is. Imho the Howl daemon is called mDNSResponder… even the config file for Howl is named that way, /etc/howl/mDNSResponder.conf . So yes, I’m running both Howl and Howl 😀 (could you have mixed it up with mDNSProxyResponderPosix, which is something different, mostly used in daapd tutorials?)

mDNSBrowse was indeed on the same (server) machine. I just powered up my Mac, where I have an app named Bonjour browser. Now the interesting thing: this browser shows everything I’ve set up in Howl, but only my Mac, not the server itself, as an iTunes source.

Reason: added “umlauts” (special german chars) to the sqlite playlists table. Could it be that you’ve broken the Umlaut support you had working in somehow? The database is quite ok if I use the command line sqlite to show me all playlists (umlauts ok), so I’ld say the database is ok, but the log now (hours after I updated):

2005-09-09 16:30:53: Query: UPDATE playlists SET items=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM songs WHERE genre IS “Hörspiel”) WHERE id=9
2005-09-09 16:30:53: Error: near “”Hörspiel””: syntax error
2005-09-09 16:30:53: Aborting

Again, sqlite command line works with that db entry, so I’m not sure why mt-daapd is failing. sqlite version is 2.8.16 if I remember that correctly.

Everything seems to work now that I’ve deleted that playlist. By the way, iTunes shows the correct smart playlist names, but your web interface shows the first playlist as “Library”, but any other as “1”.

Oh, and to enlarge the confusion: umlauts were not the initial problem, since I added my smart playlists only later after the first confusion, when I decided to play around with the new features. So maybe the update from howl 0.9.10 to 1.0.0 had something to do with it as well.