Reply To: CVS 20050815 and still iTunes 5 problems


Update on the situation: updated Howl from 0.9.10 to 1.0. Does anyone know if there’s a Howl log file somewhere?

Also tried:
./mDNSPublish Jukebox _daap._tcp 3689

Still won’t show in iTunes.

And when I try:
./mDNSBrowse _daap._tcp
browse reply: Add Service 0x2 Jukebox _daap._tcp. local.
resolve reply: 0x2 Jukebox _daap._tcp. local. 3689
Txt: [Database ID]=[beddab1edeadbea7] – (16 bytes)

Previously, I had one more daap service in there – the one from my mDNSResponder.conf – which I have now removed since I found that mt-daapd announces it itself.

Same subnet, no router that would filter imho (why would it have worked with iTunes 4.9 and mt-daapd then anyway?).

Also renamed the Jukebox from a longer name with space in it to be sure… do we need another service name for the new iTunes version or where’s the secret?