Reply To: 0.2.2 Feedback


Neither 0.2.2 nor 0.2.3 are intended as replacements for the development status level of the nightlies. They are simply intended as a fix for functionality lost in the stable version of February (0.2.1) following the release of iTunes 5.x.

The developmental releases available through the nightlies stream were never susceptible to the error affecting the stable release. If you have been making use of that code base, then there is no need to “upgrade” to 0.2.2 or 0.2.3. In fact, doing so will remove functionality — as you have now realized.

Those using the latest stable are encouraged to upgrade to 0.2.3, while those using the nightlies have no need to upgrade.

This thread contains specifics on what “broke” with iTunes 5.x.