Reply To: cvs and compilation error


First, the statement of stability with respect to version 20050305 is relative to preceding tarball releases; not subsequent. I would recommend you try the latest developmental release, which is 20050815. However, you will need to install SQLite for anything after 05 March.

Some other information which may be helpful would be to know a) which version of the MacOS you are compiling against; b) which version of the Developer Tools/XCode have you installed; and, following on the latter, c) which compiler are you using?

From your description, I would suspect you are attempting to compile on 10.4x with XCode 2.x installed. By default, “Tiger” installs with GCC 4.0.0. I have seen the spew you are reporting primarily when using GCC 4.x. So, you may want to consider backing down to 3.3.

Try the following command followed by another compile attempt and let us know how you fare.

sudo gcc_select 3

If it works, you can then switch back to the default v.4 afterwards, if you prefer.

sudo gcc_select 4


edit: just for the record, one can determine which compiler is active by the command:

gcc -v

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