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@nooneuno wrote:

I tried MediaMonkey. It burnt to a crisp.

Sorry? What do you mean?

iTunes bogs down at about 20-30K tracks, and MediaMonkey did better at about 60K, but nothing seems to work.

What do you mean with “nothing seems to work”? I am using MM since 2 years now and although there are bugs in it like in any other program of comparable complexity, I never had any serious problems with the non-beta versions. And if you encounter a real bug, you just do a debug log and normally the programmers take care of it rather fast.

Really there is nothing out there that can handle the number of tracks efficiently.

What kind of “handling” do you expect? Maybe we are just talking about different things.

Maybe I don’t follow your comment about mediamonkey? Is there a way to use mediamonkey with the Firefly server?

What I meant is that you can manage your huge library with MM, I don’t know any better and faster program for library management than MM. But MM is no mediaserver. Here is where FireFly comes in. On my XP machine, FF handles my 12500 tracks (11800 Flac, rest MP3) very well. Only on my NSLU there are some problems sometimes.