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    Thought it would be interesting to know how many songs other users have and the general performance as to how long it takes for your mt-daapd service to initialize and whether you have any issues with the Roku or other players in terms of browsing, playback, etc. and your genral setup i.e. whether you are doing anything out of the ordinary such as an ssh tunnel to work to listen.
    4050 songs
    180 seconds for the songs to be scanned into the database
    no performance issues with Roku, using wireless capability
    Standard setup, not using ssh tunnel


    6168 on my powerbook and on nslu2
    ~12000 on a debian server that I use as my “large database test”.

    Roku is decent on either, although I notice that the first query against the nslu2 is slow… I don’t know if it is spindown time, page faults and swap-in for sqlite, or what… once the first query has been done it runs pretty decent.

    I’ve noticed that the sqlite doesn’t seem to perform as well as the gdbm backend did on a small system like the nslu2. It scales better, though. 16K songs wouldn’t have been possible on the nslu2 with the gdbm database. It would have timed out. So I guess it’s a speed versus scalability tradeoff.

    I hope to refactor the database some, and perhaps I can implement the gdbm backend again. Then one could choose what backend to use.


    Using Version cvs-20050620 on Debian(Pentium II 350MHz,220MB RAM, Kernel 2.6.11, Libary on FAT32 Partition):

    On Startup:

    Scanned 11818 songs in 103 seconds


    Scanned 11818 songs (was 11818) in 53 seconds
    Scanned 11818 songs (was 11818) in 78 seconds
    Scanned 11828 songs (was 11818) in 68 seconds


    Interesting thread…

    7544 tracks
    running mt-daapd on a MacMini (almost always the latest nightly)
    scan rates vary, but are consistently between thirty and forty-five seconds
    all clients are, thusfar, iTunes or iTunes relaying to one of two AEs
    library managed via NFS share
    server frequently accessed via SSH tunnels from work and other external locations
    use of iTunes generated XML playlists is flawless
    due to the exclusive use of iTunes, listening stats are handled by AudioScrobbler



    Songs 18044


    13,172 songs, all full albums I have ripped.

    my fileserver is a 1.2ghz P3, 1.5gb ram, 4x300gb ide drives, running the finest slackware 10.2 on kernel

    running mt-daapd-svn-1018/ because whenever I set my view options, it wouldn’t remain if I re-connected. was driving me apeshit!.. looked around and found that bugfix was made since the last release 🙂

    if I wipe the database, to force a re-scan, output below:

    2006-05-09 05:00:27: Starting rendezvous daemon
    2006-05-09 05:00:27: Starting signal handler
    2006-05-09 05:00:28: Can’t get db version. New database?
    2006-05-09 05:00:28: Initializing database
    2006-05-09 05:00:28: Full reload…
    2006-05-09 05:00:28: Starting mp3 scan
    2006-05-09 05:04:30: Starting web server from /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
    2006-05-09 05:04:30: Registering rendezvous names
    2006-05-09 05:04:30: Scanned 13172 songs in 243 seconds

    otherwise, just to restart it, loads in only 8 seconds.

    2006-05-09 05:09:15: Starting rendezvous daemon
    2006-05-09 05:09:15: Starting signal handler
    2006-05-09 05:09:16: Initializing database
    2006-05-09 05:09:23: Starting web server from /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
    2006-05-09 05:09:23: Registering rendezvous names
    2006-05-09 05:09:23: Scanned 13172 songs in 8 seconds


    15926 songs, 28 seconds on a slow suse 10 laptop, svn-1050

    (I think the time is kind of meaningless now, as scans aren’t forced on startup for the latest nightlies)



    I think I might have the record so far:

    2006-05-26 14:47:24: Scanned 44423 songs in 577 seconds

    2006-05-26 15:57:33: Scanned 44423 songs (was 44423) in 22 seconds


    I have 6424 songs in my NSLU2, running unslung 6.8.
    Music is served on a NTFS drive.

    Scanning times vary greatly, but are normally somewhere areound 1000 seconds.


    on my NSLU2 unslung – 6.8
    Scanned 12800 songs in 576
    from a clean rescan.


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