Reply To: Poll: How many songs do you have??


6168 on my powerbook and on nslu2
~12000 on a debian server that I use as my “large database test”.

Roku is decent on either, although I notice that the first query against the nslu2 is slow… I don’t know if it is spindown time, page faults and swap-in for sqlite, or what… once the first query has been done it runs pretty decent.

I’ve noticed that the sqlite doesn’t seem to perform as well as the gdbm backend did on a small system like the nslu2. It scales better, though. 16K songs wouldn’t have been possible on the nslu2 with the gdbm database. It would have timed out. So I guess it’s a speed versus scalability tradeoff.

I hope to refactor the database some, and perhaps I can implement the gdbm backend again. Then one could choose what backend to use.