Reply To: When do we get playlists back?


Yeah, I’ve played with the stuff too, and it’s tough to get something that works on safari, ff and ie.

the smart.html file is mine — it was going to be where I started working on a sql parser.

Right now, the smart playlists are actually sql “where” clauses, but it occurs to me that it won’t be very portable, plus there are some things that are difficult to do with sql. (randomized playlists, for example).

So I’ve started to think that perhaps the smart playlists as stored in the database should be some kind of database-neutral specification (kind of like the old .playlist file) that gets turned into a database-specific query.

So I’ve come full circle on this one. I’m starting to think now that the .playlist concept might be kind of the way to go, only with the .playlist spec stored in the database.