Reply To: Web-based DAAP client


BTW, your webadmin shows the same irritant behaviour in some cases, let me describe:

1. You go on the index page. It asks for admin password, all cool here.

2. You click on smart playlists. It asks for the music password. Hrmm, that shouldnt be. But after entering it it works.

3. You click again on the server status and again a password box asking for the admin password.

You can repeat 2. and 3. and get every time a new password box. It also wont really tell you which password it wants, you gotta guess or know from experience which it is.

Guess using 2 passwords, one for admin and one for the music share isnt something thats tested out much.

Using svn-1433 on a NSLU armb from your ipkg distribution point btw.