Reply To: Playlist Refresh


You could also use path tricks. The easier better way for this to work is with smart playlists, so you can make playlists based on directories… say you have a directory structure like this:

+-- Class1
+-- Class2
+-- Class3
+-- Song 1.mp3
+-- Song 2.mp3
+-- Song 3.mp3

Then you can set up smart playlists like:

“Class 1” {
path includes “/Class1/”

“Class 2” {
path includes “/Class2/”

“Class 3” {
path includes “/Class3/”

Then you get playlists based on where they are in the directory tree. That’s probably how I would set it up. So long as you have background rescans turned on (or the other user has the admin_pw and can do a rescan in the web interface), then you can achieve what it is you want to.

Shout if this doesn’t make sense.

— Ron