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You do not make mention in your posts, but which version of the daemon are you running – stable or cvs from nightlies? If you are running, you may want to pay a visit to this forum thread for some ideas.

Using stable, one could create a so-called “smart” (aka dynamic) playlist based upon a special directory which has been created…say the name of the prof or the class code. The client (student, faculty, whomever) could simply select that playlist for the latest, priority files. A cron script could be created which would periodically scan the directory containing these emergent files and copy them to the primary library. Another script could then reboot the server in the middle of the night and empty these directories…or something along those lines.

The redesigned daemon does not currently support anything but static playlists based upon the iTunes generated XML file. Visit this thread for information on where playlist support is headed under the new implementation paradigm.