Reply To: SQLite Prob on NSLU2


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I am running the 20051122 nightly. I truly wish I’d noted the extra songs.db file and/or the error in the mt-daapd log – my bad. I recall now that the log error said something about a playlist not existing/available even though I know it did exist – which is consistent with the daemon not able to read the DB.

At the time the failure occured I was trying to connect with a windows iTunes client and my Soundbridge was already connected. The windows client was hung and not responding. That’s when I looked at the DB dir and saw the extra file. It was something like 9M in size and my songs DB is something like 7MB in size, that just struck me as odd. The NSLU2 was a bit…slugish 😉 at the time too.

Oh – as far as /tmp permissions. I was able to find a reference machine today – it SHOULD be 1777, (not rwxrwxrwx but rwxrwxrwt) – where “t” is the sticky bit. It means that the directory is fully writeable but only for your own files, one user shouldn’t be able to read or write anothers if they aren’t in the same group. Of course now that I’m at work I don’t have access to a slug to see if “chmod 1777 /tmp” even works!