Reply To: SQLite Prob on NSLU2


I also have had the /tmp permissions issue since early this year. I think it was the first build that had the sqlite dependancy, early summer?

I’m running V2.3R25-uNSLUng-standard-2.12-beta slug – I know there are newer versions out there but I’m scared to upgrade ’cause I can’t find clear instructions anywhere and I’m dependant on that little unit now – can’t have it down!

In any case, I know /tmp isn’t supposed to be 777 but I have to do that in the mt-daapd startup or else it doesn’t start the daemon. SO I have a workaround but don’t like the loose permissions. (What the heck is that special perm setting for “real” unix /tmp? I don’t have one available to me – even my tivo has /tmp loose!).

Anyway, I did have mt-daapd crash on me today for no aparent cause other than sqlite went “resource not available” on me. Of course the log is gone and I can’t recall the name of the file that got paired up with songs.db in /opt/var/mt-daapd. It was songs.db-something Aparently the DB was busy so mt-daapd couldn’t read it and all crashed.

So – any ideas on the second one? I’ll of course post more if I catch it again. Also not sure about why I have /tmp permissions issues (“glad” to see someone else does though!)

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