Reply To: Idiot’s guide to upgrades/nightlies …


Here’s my key-stroke oriented distillation of the above advice on how to install the latest nightly onto an NSLU. It worked for me. Hopefully this will save others some time and confusion.

1. Get the mt-daapd nightly ipk (e.g. onto your slug’s harddisk somehow
Get the the libao ipk (e.g. ipkg install libao_0.8.6-1_armeb.ipk) onto your slug’s harddisk somehow
– you should be able to download direct from the web a convenient folder on the HD using Firefox or Explorer, if you’ve mapped the NSLU drive as Admin 1 in Windows Explorer (Tools/Map Network Drive; the synax is \slugnameadmin 1)

2. If you have an old version (e.g. the “stable version”) the first step is to uninstall it by typing the following command at the # prompt in a Telnet session with the NSLU:
# ipkg remove mt-daapd

3. Next, check to make sure your gateway and DNS entries are up-to-date using the NSLU web-based interface under Admin LAN (e.g. Enter the numbers and hit Save. You can find the numbers through your PC, by following the instructions at

4. Back in the Telnet session, Update the feed:
# ipkg update

5. Enable native feeds, again by typing the following at the Telnet # prompt:
# ipkg install unslung-feeds

6. Finally, in Telnet session, begin installing the nightly packages. Change directory (# cd /xxxxxx) so you are in the folder in which you placed libao ipk and mt-daapd ipk in the first step above. Install libao first, by typing:
# ipkg install libao_0.8.6-1_armeb.ipk (change this if necessary to matches the ipk file you down loaded)

7. When it is done, then type the following to install the mt-daapd nightly:
# ipkg install mt-daapd_svn-1376-1_armeb.ipk (change this if necessary to matches the ipk file you down loaded)

8. Exit the Telnet session, and reboot the NSLU. You should be up an running.

Smart playlists can be created using the very cool web-based mt-daapd/Firefly configuration tool at