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If root is the only account on the system, then using it is fine. As long as you recognize that as such you are god and any slip of the fingers can wreak unrecoverable (short of a reflash) havoc.

This is not an NSLU2 support board, but adding additional accounts is accomplished most easily through the web administration interface for the slug. The instructions are found in the Linksys documentation, not necessarily at the uNSLUng project site.

In terms of your continued problems getting the latest mt-daapd nightly to install, I am stumped. While I own a slug, I do not use it as my DAAP host. So, as a rule, I do not have the daemon installed on that device. However, for purposes of trying to help you work through this issue, I downloaded the the 20050417 nightly and the libao package to troubleshoot.

The libao package installed with no issue whatsoever.

# ipkg install libao_0.8.6-1_armeb.ipk
Installing libao (0.8.6-1) to root…
Configuring libao

The install for the latest mt-daapd cvs package went flawlessly as well:

# ipkg install mt-daapd_cvs-20050417-1_armeb.ipk
Installing mt-daapd (cvs-20050417-1) to root…
Installing libid3tag (0.15.1b-1) to root…
Installing libogg (1.0-1) to root…
Installing libvorbis (1.0-1) to root…
Installing ivorbis-tools (1.0-1) to root…
Installing libcurl (7.12.2-1) to root…
Installing libvorbisidec (cvs-20050221-1) to root…
Installing flac (1.1.2-2) to root…
Installing sqlite2 (2.8.16-1) to root…
Installing readline (5.0-1) to root…
Configuring flac
Configuring ivorbis-tools
Configuring libcurl
Configuring libid3tag
Configuring libogg
Configuring libvorbis
Configuring libvorbisidec
Configuring mt-daapd

To complete this installation, make any necessary changes
to the config file in /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf, and
start the daemon by running /opt/etc/init.d/S60mt-daapd

Configuring readline
Configuring sqlite2

As you can see, all of the required depenencies were fetched automatically from the uNSLUng feed repository.

My first suggestion would be to move into the directory containing the itsy package for mt-daapd. I am not sure if this is necessary, but as you can see above, that appears to be the only difference in our relative rates of success based upon use of the install command.

Next, ensure that your connection to the ‘net is active and verified route to the uNSLUng repository exists. Perhaps the itsy installer is not smart enough to return an accurate error (ala Windows) when a confounding issue is encountered. It may be that, when it does not find the dependent packages and is unable to fetch them itself, it simply falls back to stating it “cannot satisfy” the requirements. If all else fails and this error persists, you may need to install each dependency independently.

A third possibility, but somewhat less likely, is that the package file is corrupt. This is probably not the cause as the installer appears to initialize properly and only fails when it is unable to locate the other, required packages. However, if all else fails, try to download the nightly again.

Let us know how you fare.


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