Reply To: Idiot’s guide to upgrades/nightlies …


Hi Herman
Many thanks for the quick response and for taking me to be some higher level of idiot. Unfortunately I belong to a lower level and so became quite dazed even before the end of your first paragraph!
Here’s my plan …
1. get the NSLU2 back to the as shipped state using some “redboot” instructions. This may improve my understanding a little and, given I don’t know how to unintall a “package” I have now choice.
2. install the uNSLUng o/s and also enable telnet without removing the hard disks.
3. download the latest .gz file to my windows pc and search for an uncompression tool that will handle .gz files.
4. copy the uncompressed files (to the root directory – am I to logon as root?)
5. excute the package per your post.
6. turn everything off, attach a disk, turn on. If it’s like last time it just worked.
7. Record my actions as I go. It may come in useful next time or for another low level type.
Have I made any obvious blunders so far?