Reply To: Idiot’s guide to upgrades/nightlies …


Installation of the nightlies follows pretty much the same procedure as that of any other unSLUng package. However, I suspect you are asking how to install the nightlies outside of the “official” feed list.

It is not terribly complicated. Bear in mind that the nightlies are based upon a new architectural paradigm (i.e. sqlite database instead of gdbm) and have an altered set of dependencies. I am sure someone will correct me if I am mistaken, but it is probably advisable to completely uninstall the version of mt-daapd currently residing upon the slug, then install the nightly, manually. (Be sure to save a copy of the configuration file, though.)

To accomplish the latter (outside of the feed), one must first get the nightly into the slug. Ron has configured the server upon which the nightlies are served to provide these files via a php script. So, it is not possible to use the configured URL directly from the slug (e.g. using wget). The easiest way is to download it to a workstation and copy it to one’s $HOME directory on the slug.

Once on the slug, navigate to the directory containing the package file , elevate to root and run the “ipkg install …” command. Substitute the local “xxx.ipk” file name for the official feed release (e.g. as of this reply “ipkg install mt-daapd_cvs-20050417-1_armeb.ipk

The dependencies requires for mt-daapd should automatically download and install. However, if you run into problems, Ron keeps a list of the current requirements in the narrative section at the top of the nightlies site. Simply install each manually, if necessary. At the very least, I would suggest running the “ipkg update” command prior to installing the nightlies to ensure everything is otherwise up-to-date.

That should be all that is required to install a nightly package. Check back if something is unclear or if you encounter any difficulties.