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@batka wrote:

Maybe you should just bypass the current protocol, so that there would no need to change the protocol to support browsing by folder/file (since Soundbridge currently don’t have native browse by folder feature). The idea is that you should just emulate the tag infos for the Roku, I mean, the folder name (which contains the flac files, an album tipically) could be treated as Album title (even it’s not), and individual file names as song titles. All the other “tag infos” would be empty. And then at the Soundbridge, we could browse in the “Album” section.

Right, plus, everyone tags stuff different ways. I use: Artist/Year/Album/Track – Name.mp3

So there would have to be some kind of configuration for choosing all that stuff. But then someone would want to have files in a “various artists” folder get tagged as a compilation, etc, etc.

Best way, I think, is to export a scripting interface so that every time a song is indexed, the script has a chance to edit the tags based on info like file path, etc.

That’s probably nearer term than UPnP. I hope in the next week (I have the week off) to start on the scripting interface. We’ll see how far it gets.

— Ron