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Hi All!
I came up with this theme at the Roku forum also, here:

My reasons are written in that thread. In short, I don’t use tags. “Browse by folder” feature = playing files without tags in my understanding.

My idea might be dumb, but I put it here, maybe Ron could consider it. And correct me if I’m wrong.
Maybe you should just bypass the current protocol, so that there would no need to change the protocol to support browsing by folder/file (since Soundbridge currently don’t have native browse by folder feature). The idea is that you should just emulate the tag infos for the Roku, I mean, the folder name (which contains the flac files, an album tipically) could be treated as Album title (even it’s not), and individual file names as song titles. All the other “tag infos” would be empty. And then at the Soundbridge, we could browse in the “Album” section.

I see two problem though:
– of course, together with real tags, would mess up the listing/library. So I guess it is only possible if the normal real tag method would be disabled in this case. Maybe you could make an option in the config file to enable this (and disable tag method at the same time). I certainly would be happy about such a feature.
– some problems may come related to multiple level directories… What if a folder name is like “artist – album – year”, and that includes two subdirectories, like “Disc 1” and “Disc 2”. In that case what would be the displayed folder name, Disc 1? I guess yes, it still would be better than nothing.

Thanks in advance!
Great work!