WMA Lossless Transcoding

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    Apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge – I have had a look at some of the forum answers which might as well be in Hungarian as they make as much sense to me.

    Anyway here goes:

    I have a ROKU M1001 running the latest software and playing WMA files on my PC (windows xp) over my wireless network on Firefly svn1281. Internet radio works fine as does playing normal WMA files with bit rates of up to 300kbps.

    However most of my recent files are stored as WMA Lossless and these files take a while to start and keep stopping every few seconds to rebuffer.

    There is enough capacity in the network as my wireless laptop placed next to the M1001 plays the relevant files flawlessly over the network (presumably without transcoding) and I have set the ROKU up to transcode everything over 200kbps.

    Any of you bright sparks got any ideas how to fix this?

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