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    I just set up WHS sp3 and everything works exept music streaming .I setup firefly 1696 on the server but itunes 9.0 is unable to “load firefly media server” ,any sugestion is grately appreciated ??.Insted of itunes i set up fireplay and that works only “mp3 files” though but it would be better to have itunes working

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    I want to submit some additional information because I might be having the same issue. My symptom is on Windows 7 and Windows XP (tried both), iTunes shows “Loading Firefly Media Server” indefinitely with the barber pole status spinning until close the status with the “x”. I am running FireFly on a WHS box. Originally I thought there was a problem with my server, but I tried running the same version of iTunes on my Mac and it works fine. I worked on this many hours, let me try to summarize all of the various things I tried:

    – I honestly tried 100+ times of rebooting the server, iTunes, my computers, etc. in various different configurations.
    – I turned the debug logging level to 9, but since the log limits the amount of data, I can’t tell if an error scrolled by. Can I increase the log file size limit to like 1 gig?
    – I went through the list of advanced configuration options on the web page. The only thing I saw relevant was to toggle on/off sending compressed data. I thought that maybe since I had 18,000+ songs that it took a long time for the data to transmit to the iTunes app. I let it run for hours at times and one time for a full day. But it turns out (I discovered this later) that iTunes reads this information fine on my Mac within 10 seconds or so. I also read posts about people having 41,000 songs, so I figured my collection is a drop in the bucket.
    – I received errors about unknown meta data. But it turns out that I get the errors when the streaming works. Errors include not understanding the gapless, genius, etc. tags. If you need more info, I will provide, but I don’t know this is the issue.
    – I tried slimming down my library with the intent to find the bad songs that were causing this issue. I started with 12 songs, worked fine between WHS and Windows 7 (same version of iTunes). Went to 800 songs, fine. Went to 5000, fine. Tried a different folder with 3,000 songs (my “unknown” album folder), did NOT work.

    So I tried an approach by incrementally adding songs within that folder to see which were bad and here are the results (I found this interesting). I could load up to 866 songs from my server to iTunes in Windows from that unknown album folder. I added about 50 more songs and it did not work. Then I took those 50 out and added 25 more (866 + 25) and that did not work. I went back to 866 and it did not work, though it did before. I restarted my server, clients, etc. Now it worked with 866 songs again. I tried adding 25, then 50 songs worked intermittently. So I am not sure if it is the content of the songs or something else.

    The only thing I can somewhat isolate to these songs making them unique is the songs are not checked (the checkbox next to the song) in my normal iTunes collection but when they appear in my list from the server they are checked. Could the checked tag be causing the issue? I don’t want to start re-checking my entire collection because it took years to get that right between songs I want to keep but not want to play on a regular basis (or transfer to my iPod). Is there a way for FireFly to ignore unchecked songs?

    I also tried some other things, but didn’t find them relevant to put here. If you think I need to try something, let me know.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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