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    Everytime I retstart my NSLU, the config file seems to go back to the default and I have to recopy it from the HD I have attached. Is the config somehow ending up in volatile memory? Also, the perms for the sqlite directory go back to the way they were before! I’ve followed the install directions as closely as I can but I just can’t tell what’s going on here. Everyting is in the default locations. Any help would be great.


    Would you mind describing what you mean by “I have to recopy it from the HD I have attached”?

    The binary, configuration and support files should have been installed under the /opt directory. On a properly uNSLUng device, the root level /opt is a symbolic link pointing to /share/hdd/conf/opt. So, all of the files should already be on the external HD.

    Are the files on the drive those which are being altered or is your /opt directory still fully located in flash?



    That sounds like a good explanation. I’ll check into it shortly but maybe it’s possible that instead of a symlink, it just got installed into a normal directory? There is nothing on my hard drive that resembles the mt-daapd files, just my music, the config file (for copying over to the proper directory) and the log (I configured it to create the log there)


    Ok, thanks for the help. Although I’m pretty sure that I followed the install instructions pretty well, it seems that it was installed in an actual directory named ‘opt’ on the NSLU itself and not to a symlink pointing to the HD.

    I still can’t get my music to appear right but at least I don’t have to reconfig everything everytime I start.

    Thanks for the “symlink” to the solution. 😉


    If you are using the default configuration, the the music should go in a folder called “music” in DISK 1.

    If that’s not where your music is, then you’ll need to change the mp3_dir in your config file.

    — Ron

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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