Want to play flac on NSLU2, but has no plugins ?!

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    I’m making a music server with an NSLU2 and Firefly. I can play MP3 files on iTunes, but not FLAC files. I can’t figure out how to follow the instructions about either plugins or transcoding scripts. I think my install had some pieces missing that other people received.

    I installed Firefly via # ipkg install mt-daapd. What ipkg installed was:

    • mt-daapd ( ,
    • gdbm (1.8.3-2),
    • libid3tag (0.15.1b-1)

    I didn’t get any ogg or vorbis libraries, which I’ve seen others mention on the forums as being part of installing mt-daapd.

    I did install ffmpeg via ipkg, but it didn’t have those other things either.

    When I try to follow the instructions at http://wiki.mt-daapd.org/wiki/Transcoding_HOWTO , I can’t connect them to what I see on my NSLU2.

    1. I have no “[plugins]” section in my conf file, which the installer copied from /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf . It ends with “# compress 0”.
    2. I can’t find a directory which has ssc-ffmpeg.so, so I don’t know what my plugins directory would be anyway.
    3. I can’t find a directory which has the transcoding scripts, mt-daapd-ssc.sh and mt-daapd-ssc.pl .
    4. I can’t find a forum post that addresses this situation. Several forum postings about NSLU2’s talk about a “[plugins]” section in the conf file. so it sounds like they got something I didn’t.

    So, I have a feeling that some things are missing from the install which the Transcoding Howto above assumes are present. Can anyone shed some light on how I can bring these to my NSLU2? If so, I will update the wiki with what I found out.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    You first have to install a “nightlies” version of Firefly.

    From http://wiki.fireflymediaserver.org/NSLU2_Installation

    Installing a nightly build –

    To do this, you need to tell the slug about the software feed from fireflymediaserver.org. To do this telnet into your slug and enter the following command

    # echo "src firefly http://ipkg.fireflymediaserver.org/armeb" > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf

    If the above command fails then check that your slug's DNS and gateway settings are valid via the web interface. Now enter the command

    # ipkg update

    Now enter the command

    # ipkg install mt-daapd
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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