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    After a long abscence i am back and start again make RPM for mandrake 9.2, 10.0 , 10.1 and 10.2

    a new file appear in the src directory of mt-daapd
    what is this file and did i need to package it ?

    a new requierement appear in the build process : sqlite.h
    can you confirm me which version is necessary
    because the sqlite.h come with sqlite 2.8.x
    and sqlite3.h come with the sqlite 3.2.x


    PS: i will put online all the rpm for mandrake.


    wavstreamer is a helper for the server-side transcoding. If you wanted to serve .ogg files or .flac files to iTunes, wavstreamer helps that process. It should be a regular /usr/bin type program.

    If you want to build the RPMS with full transcode support, you’ll need to compile using:

    –enable-oggvorbis –enable-flac

    And you’ll need libvorbis and libflac as deps (and the -devel packages as build deps)

    You’ll also need to put one of the ssc programs (contrib/mt-daapd-ssc.sh or contrib/mt-daapd-ssc.pl) somewhere, and make the default config file point to it.

    It does indeed require sqlite 2.8.x. It will eventually target either sqlite or sqlite3, but right now it only targets sqlite.

    — Ron

    P.S. Good to see you back.


    Thanks ron for the update.
    i will update my spec files and let you know

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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