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    I’ve got a Soundbridge M1001, NSLU2 unslung, WD Essential External HD and am running mt-daapd v0.2.4-1

    The server starts fine and scans my music, and I can browse it both in iTunes and on the Soundbridge, but it won’t play anything in either place. Nothing happens when I try in iTunes and I get the “Unable to play ” error on my Soundbridge.

    Most of my files are VBR MP3’s although I’ve probably got some OGG and FLAC files too, as well as maybe the odd WAV and WMA file. I can connect to the share and play them no problem on my PC using Media Player.

    Any idea where I might start looking to fix this? I’ve looked in the mt-daapd logfile and there is nothing in there to suggest any problems (I also tried running mt-daapd with the /d2 flag)



    It is strongly suggested to be using the nightlies from nightlies.mt-daapd.org.

    they are already very stable. I’ve been using 1400 on my slug for about 30 days stable already. 😉

    well, to be sure, just let it play mp3 files. that should be supported on iTunes as well as the SB.


    How do I upgrade to nighties?


    @andyg wrote:


    If you don’t want to download that and install manually, you can also add the nightlies ipkg feed:

    root@nslu2# echo "src firefly http://ipkg.fireflymediaserver.org/armeb" > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf
    root@nslu2# ipkg update
    root@nslu2# ipkg install mt-daapd

    — Ron


    Excellent. That seems to have done the trick.



    Thanks Ron, I was wondering how to get the slug to get the update its own self.

    I’ve had a similar issue (“Unable to play…”) with previous builds (definitely with 1441) and it seems to be intermittent.
    Had the problem before with all songs (SB would see the db, but was “Unable to play…” all the songs) and I had to delete the db and rebuild it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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