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    I need a helping hand from someone who can tell me whether what I am trying to do is possible or not.

    I think I have read just about everything there is on the net about Firefly setup but I am still unable to get it to work how I would like it to. John wants to share his music with Jane. John will maintain the library and his playlists in iTunes. Jane will access the library via iTunes/Firefly server and would like to create her own playlists in Firefly as well as using John’s. John does not want access to Jane’s playlists.

    My set up: Ubuntu box with the latest Firefly stable version (svn 1696) installed. Two WINXP boxes (John and Jane) with iTunes v9 installed on each. iTunes .xml and .itl stored on Ubuntu in /export/OurMedia/iTunes. mp3 files stored on Ubuntu in /export/OurMedia/Music. WINXP boxes access Ubuntu via SAMBA share ‘public’ mapped to /export. WINXP boxes map drive L: to \ubuntupublic. Files in /export are owned by john:users with 775 privileges.

    Now then, if I tell Firefly ‘mp3_dir=/export/OurMedia/Music’ a scan will find the music and allow Jane to play the music on her computer. However, no playlists are visible. If I tell Firefly ‘mp3_dir=/export/OurMedia/iTunes’ a scan will not find any music but playlists are visible (but not usable). My feeling is that Firefly is processing the .xml file but is unable to locate the mp3 files because the .xml file is using L: in its path to the music file.

    If you feel that you can help me out I would be very grateful.

    Thanks from an aging hacker trying to embrace technology,


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