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    I am having a lot of difficulty with setting up playlists for a while now… I have read this forums looking for an idiots guide (because that’s my level… no apologies!) but haven’t managed to resolve the problem.

    I am running svn-1571 on NSLU2 with all music in
    and Firefly is set to process m3u files


    I have tried Smart Playlist just to see if I can get a playlist of artist = “Foo Fighters” for example – my M1001 sees the playlist, but has “0 items found”.

    So I tried setting up a static m3u playlist in Windows Media Player and edited the path to suit the NSLU2 installation as follows

    #EXTINF:0,03 Chasing Cars.mp3
    /share/hdd/data/public/Audio/Snow Patrol/Eyes Open/03 Chasing Cars.mp3

    #EXTINF:0,01 Devils & Dust.mp3
    /share/hdd/data/public/Audio/Bruce Springsteen/Devils & Dust/01 Devils & Dust.mp3

    Anyone care to point out to me my mistake/misunderstanding of this aspect.



    So when you add a playlist and re-scan, do you see the playlist at all? Or is it in the library, but contains no songs?

    One of the things that I got a little confused about with the latest nightlies is there are actually 2 config values on the Web Interface. 1 for “Process Playlists”, and another for “Process m3u files”. I have them both set to “Yes”.

    I’m also still running svn 1545, so svn 1571 may have changed this.


    cheers mate!

    well, for one its actually easier to use relative pathnames. You can easily create a mu3 playlist with winamp or xmms and just save that to a directory on the slug.
    I do have firefly running on the slug, and shared the “music” directrory as drive Z:.
    so I can easily use winamp to create static playlists, and just save them under z: somewhere. with the next scan firefly picks them up alright. 😉

    Another thing you might be hitting with your smart playlist is case sensitivity. “Foo Fighters” might just be spelled with different caps, or more blanks. And then firefly fails. So it might be smarter (;)) to create a smart playlist like this:

    where artist includes "foo" and artist includes "fighters"

    It seems I made a liar of myself. After posting last night, I started again from scratch and I ran a full rescan (as I had done previously). Both static and smart playlists were “available” (as they had been previously), but this time they were also populated with the relevant songs… HOORAY o/

    Smart Playlists:
    I think I might have had issues with the CAPS or lack of…

    Static Playlists:
    My solution – which is somewhat cumbersome, but is working is as follows:
    1. Create a playlist in WMP and save as .m3u file in the root of the music folder on the NSLU2, in my case M:Audio (from WinXP)
    2. Open the .m3u file in Notepad and change the file paths (including “” to “/”) from
    M:Audioartistalbumsong.mp3 to
    3. Save .m3u file
    4. Ensure process playlists & process m3u options are selected on Firefly web config page
    4. Perform full rescan from Firefly web config page

    Thanks for the responses… got there by the trial & error method in the end!


    Glad you got it sorted out…but a couple of things that might help here….

    As fizze explained to me in his intimitable tongue-in-cheek way 😛 in this thread:

    With a little “cleverness” in the way that you set up your directory structures on the NSLU2 and in Windows, as well as by storing the .m3u’s in the right place with relative paths, you would not need to modify the files after creating them in Windows.

    One thing that Firefly will do on the scan that helps here is that he will automatically understand that “” should be “/” for the ‘nix OS.

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