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    In case anyone here is interested, I posted some code to the Roku forum to provide RSS feeds on a SoundBridge using PHP and mt-daapd:

    I’m using the mt-daapd-ssc script to trigger the ‘apps’, though the flow is a little rough. The only thing missing was a property in mt-daapd-ssc to provide the IP address of the device (nice to have). It may help also if I stream some audio while the script is executing, but it’s hard to make non-audio content fit in with the SoundBridge UI. Maybe there are other ways to achieve this?

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    I’ve mostly got the iTunes XML stuff done, and two of the things on my list are:

    1. Better interface for adhoc scripts (like you are doing right now). That’s detailed at

    If you are interested in remote IP with that, I can add that.

    2. An event infrastructure such that interesting events (client connect/disconnect/play song, etc) gets reported somehow. (unix socket? fifo? something like that)

    Once I get #1 done, perhaps that will help your effort. It will allow you to transcode *and* run your apps, anyway, plus control the “song” display on iTunes better (or the soundbridge)


    All sounds great! Yes, IP address and client “user-agent” type would be helpful (I think you may have already added the latter?)

    I like the event model. Don’t much care what mechanism is used. It could just be a local script file that gets triggered for simplicity. I like being able to know, for example, when the device connects, to trigger an app, etc.

    Most of the real integration issues lie on the SoundBridge side, I think.

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    neat feature.

    The script is working with php4 if you remove ‘private’ from the functions in sb.php line 59 and in rss.php line 23.

    anyway.. I wasn’t able to use the script by selecting a nyt.svc file from my SB, using the modified script – running mt-daapd cvs-20050522.

    I’ve configured my SB IP in and placed an empy file nyt.svc in my mp3 dir /mnt/hdc1/mp3/nyt.svc and restarted the server:

    2005-05-29 09:10:24: Starting rendezvous daemon
    2005-05-29 09:10:24: Starting signal handler
    2005-05-29 09:10:24: Signal handler started
    2005-05-29 09:10:25: Initializing database
    2005-05-29 09:11:04: Starting mp3 scan
    2005-05-29 09:12:15: Found music file: nyt.svc
    2005-05-29 09:12:27: Processing static playlist: /mnt/hdc1/mp3/InternetRadio.m3u
    2005-05-29 09:12:28: Starting web server from /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
    2005-05-29 09:12:28: Preparing to listen on port 3689
    2005-05-29 09:12:28: Starting server thread
    2005-05-29 09:12:28: Registering rendezvous names
    2005-05-29 09:12:28: Scanned 11653 songs in 124 seconds

    When I try to “play” nyt.svc my SB says: “Unable to play nyt.svc”

    the corresponding mt-daap log:

    2005-05-29 09:12:49: Request: GET /server-info HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:12:49: Request: GET /login HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:12:49: Request: GET /databases?session-id=1 HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:13:19: Request: GET /databases/1/items?query='dmap.itemname:*nyt*'&session-id=1&type=music&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songdatakind,daap.songformat,daap.songalbum,daap.songdisabled,daap.songdiscnumber,daap.songtracknumber,daap.songdescription,daap.songbitrate HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Request: GET /databases/1/items?query='dmap.itemid:11653'&session-id=1&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songalbum,daap.songartist,daap.songbitrate,daap.songbeatsperminute,daap.songcomment,daap.songcompilation,daap.songcomposer,daap.songdatakind,daap.songdataurl,
    daap.songstoptime,daap.songtime,daap.songtrackcount,daap.songtracknumber,daap.songuserrating,daap.songyear HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Request: GET /databases/1/items/11653.wav?session-id=1 HTTP/1.0
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Thread 5: Autoconvert file /mnt/hdc1/mp3/nyt.svc for client
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Session 1: Streaming file 'nyt.svc' to (offset 0)
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Finished streaming converted file to remote
    2005-05-29 09:13:31: Got CLD signal. Reaping

    So.. what’s wrong here?

    I also wonder about why mt-daapd says “Streaming to” although my SB’s IP is and is the IP of my WLAN Router.


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    found the “error”

    wrong shell path in

    #!/opt/bin/bash -> #!/bin/bash


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